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Training Options was established in Fort Myers, Florida in 2003 and has enjoyed the opportunity to provide a high level of business training to a diverse set of clientele in city, county, state and federal government, large and small corporations, and talented individuals in a variety of industries. Through training and consulting we have helped government operations, major corporations and mid-sized enterprises apply computer technologies to current business processes. Our successful track record in the industry is due to our training philosophy which emphasizes not just learning technologies but also learning to use them to solve real business problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest value training and service experience for our business and individual clients, and to specifically assist business and government in their pursuits of excellence, through the development of employee and departmental computer and business management skills.

Our Services

We are Southwest Florida’s leading Training Center for Microsoft, Adobe, Crystal Reports and many other software vendors. We offer computer training courses in IT, design and office applications to individuals and small, medium and large organizations by way of public and custom onsite classes. Our services also include consulting, planning, implementation and management of IT projects and room rentals.

Why choose us as your Certified Training Partner?

We are Professionals Serving Professionals. Training Options management and instructors are professional business people who have managed hundreds of people exactly like your staff. We can mentor you and your staff through the technology and the steps necessary to keep skills current. We will partner with you to build the staff training plan that will ensure you protect your technology investment.

We are Here in Fort Myers – South Florida. Your staff can drive to our state-of-the-art facility for training, which will minimize their time off the job. And you can eliminate travel and living expenses from your training budget. Local training reaches the members of your staff who cannot leave town for training, ensuring that all your professionals have up-to-date computer skills.

Our Instruction is Designed for Results. Our computer training is designed for adult learners who need to apply technology to solve real business problems. Our trainers are business professionals who use relevant examples in the classroom. This means your staff can apply what they learned immediately upon returning to work. We limit class size to provide more personal interaction and invite active attendee participation. Each class enrollment qualifies the learner to 6 months follow up with the instructor on any exercise covered in the classroom.

We Use the #1 Curriculum. Microsoft and the other software suppliers whose products we support have invested millions in building curriculum for classroom training. Because your staff deserves the best possible training, it is our policy to always use vendor-authorized curriculum in our classes.

Do you have staff who need their computer skills updated? Would you like to build a training plan for your organization? Call Training Options at 239-425-3310.

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